JOSM #101: Part I

Studies in Advanced OSM Alchemy

What is JOSM?

JOSM is an advanced OpenStreetMap editor that is popular among experienced editors thanks to its plugins and stability. You can read more about JOSM at the OpenStreetMap JOSM wiki page and from the JOSM section on learnOSM

Install JOSM

Install JOSM, the advanced Java editor for OpenStreetMap!


Enable Remote control

Enabling remote control will let you easily connect to your selected project in the Tasking Manager in addition to pre-loading any custom imagery for the project.

JOSM Plugins

JOSM allows you to install numerous plugins, which add extra functionality to the software. Two of the most useful Plugins are buildings_tools and utilsplugin2.


Install utilsplugin2 Plugin

The utilsplugin2 installs a whole new useful set of tools, you can view them in the ‘More tools’ menu. One of the most useful tools is ‘Copy Tags from Previous Selection’. It lets you copy the tags of the previously selected object to a new object.

Install the building tool plug-in

The building tools let you draw buildings with less clicks. It allows you to trace one side of a rectangular building, and then you can extend the shape. It also automatically applies the building=yes tag to the building.

Start JOSM from Tasking Manager

Select and click on the ‘Edit with JOSM’ button after selecting the square you want to map.

Load the Correct Imagery

Read the project instructions to find out what imagery is being used. Some projects use Bing imagery by default, others use a custom imagery service.

Draw basic highway

Begin by drawing nodes in a line. End a highway by double-clicking.

shortcut = A

Draw roundabout

A roundabout is a road junction where the traffic goes around in a one-way circle. Often roundabouts are circular, so you can use the circular tool in JOSM to draw the basic shape. Also, add the junction=roundabout tag to the roundabout. Then you can easily connect the ramps to the roundabout.

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