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HOT Github Workflows


Github workflows that can be shared across all HOT projects.

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📖 Documentation:

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⚙️ Intro to Workflows

This repo contains reusable workflows, that can be called from any other repo.

Motivations for creating this:

  • Reduce code duplication for workflows across our repos.
  • Easy version control and upgrading of our workflows over time.
  • Attempt to find the best possible implementation of the workflow, then standardise across repos.

To add new workflows

  • Add your .yml workflow to .github/workflows.
  • Create a .md file under docs, in the same format as the others.
    • The file should have empty content, with a title, and ## headers: Inputs, Outputs, Secrets.
  • Add to .github/workflows/workflow_docs.yml:
    • A step in the same format as others using tj-actions/auto-doc@v3, changing variables.
    • Add an entry under files in the Verify Changed Files step.
  • Add an entry to mkdocs.yml nav section.

To manually document workflows using auto-doc

Replace the .yml and .md file names below:

curl -LO

tar -xzsf auto-doc_3.1.0_Linux_x86_64.tar.gz

rm -rf auto-doc_3.1.0_Linux_x86_64.tar.gz

./auto-doc --filename .github/workflows/openapi_build.yml \
    --output docs/ --reusable

rm auto-doc

Last update: April 18, 2024