Kharkiv Mapping Guide
Mekelle Mapping Guide
JOSM #101: Part II
JOSM #101: Part I
La Guía de Mapeo Para Piura
Piura Mapping Guide
Piura: JOSM, Guia Parte II
Piura: JOSM, Guia Parte I
Piura: JOSM guide part II
Piura: JOSM guide Part I
Bandung City
Teluk Ambon
Saraya, Senegal
Malaria Prevention in Mozambique
Indonesian Volcanoes
Nepal Earthquake
Nepal Earthquake: Mapping Landslides and Road Blocks
Nepal Earthquake: Updating IDP Sites
River Cress and Grand Gedeh Counties
Mapping for Resilience
Mt. Cotopaxi and Surrounding Cities
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Name Tip ID Tags File Name
Carreteras sin Clasificacion unclassified-roads-es unclassified and Vehicles
Building as point of interest POI and Building
Areas as points of interest POI and Area
Simple points of interest POI and simple
Points of interest POI
buildings buildings
Carreteras terciarias tertiary_roads-es tertiary and Vehicles
Carreteras residenciales residential-roads-2-es residential, Vehicles, and remote
Rutas paths-es Paths, Vehicles, and Agriculture
Licencia OSM osmtm-license-access-es OSMTM
Change language in OpenStreetmap osm-change-language iD
Cambio de lenguaje en OpenStreetmap osm-change-language-es iD
Validate your work josm-validation josm
Validar su trabajo josm-validation-es josm
Start JOSM from Tasking Manager josm-start-from-tm josm
Inicie JOSM desde el Administrador de Tareas josm-start-from-tm-es josm
Draw pool josm-polygon-pool josm
Dibuje piscina josm-polygon-pool-es josm
Draw points, water tower example josm-point-water-tower josm
Dibuje puntos, ejemplo de torre de agua josm-point-water-tower-es josm
Draw basketball court josm-point-basketball-court josm
Dibuje cancha de baloncesto josm-point-basketball-court-es josm
JOSM Plugins josm-plugins-description josm
JOSM Plugins josm-plugins-description-es josm
Load the Correct Imagery josm-loading-bing josm
Cargue la imagen correcta josm-loading-bing-es josm
How to Join Buildings josm-join-buildings josm
Cómo unir Edificios josm-join-buildings-es josm
JOSM josm-intro josm
Install JOSM josm-install josm
Install utilsplugin2 Plugin josm-install-utils2 josm
Instale utilsplugin2 Plugin josm-install-utils2-es josm
Install the building tool plug-in josm-install-building-tool josm
Instale el Plug-in "las herramientas de contrucion" josm-install-building-tool-es josm
Enable Remote control josm-enable-remote-control josm
Habilite "Control remoto" josm-enable-remote-control-es josm
Draw with building tool josm-draw-with-building-tool josm
Dibuje utilizando herramientas de construccion josm-draw-with-building-tool-es josm
Draw roundabout josm-draw-roundabout josm
Dibuje una rotonda josm-draw-roundabout-es josm
Draw basic highway josm-draw-basic-highway josm
Dibuje autopista básica josm-draw-basic-highway-es josm
Draw basic building josm-draw-basic-building josm
Dibuje un edificio basico josm-draw-basic-building-es josm
How to Copy Buildings josm-copy-buildings josm
Cómo copiar Edificios josm-copy-buildings-es josm
Shift building polygon to base of building josm-building-shift josm
Continue to Part II josm-101-part2 josm
Ríos como Líneas ind-rivers-es Indonesia, iD, and Rivers
Sidewalks id-sidewalks Paths, Vehicles, and Agriculture
Sidewalks – Тротуары id-sidewalks-ru Paths, Vehicles, and Agriculture
Buscando Puntos Nuevos id-es-find-points-basketball es, iD, and points
Discovering New Points to Add id-en-find-points-basketball en, iD, and points
Roads – Дороги id-draw-roads2-ru id and roads
Roads id-draw-roads2 id and roads
Roads id-draw-roads Canaan, iD, and roads
Crosswalks id-crosswalks Paths, Vehicles, and Agriculture
Crosswalks – Пешеходные переходы – Пішохідні переходи id-crosswalks-ru Paths, Vehicles, and Agriculture
Classifying Roads id-classifying-roads-tips-w-buttons roads, iD, unpaved, classifying, and highway
Classifying Roads – Классификация дорог – Класифікація доріг id-classifying-roads-tips-w-buttons-ru roads, iD, unpaved, classifying, and highway
Buildings id-buildings2 buildings and iD
Buildings – Здания – Будівлі id-buildings2-ru buildings and iD
Attached Buildings attached-id-buildings buildings and iD
Attached Buildings – Соединенные строения – З’єднані будівлі attached-id-buildings-ru buildings and iD
iD vector alignment id alignment vector imagery, alignment, and vector
Trazando Caminos iD-tracing-roads-nodes-es roads, nodes, and vector
OSM iD Editor Settings Brightness Adjustment iD-getting-started-brightness-settings-2-es Liberia, iD, and custom imagery
Caminos iD-draw-roads-es Canaan, iD, and roads
Residential Areas residential areas Liberia, iD, custom imagery, landuse, and residential
Common Areas common areas Liberia, iD, custom imagery, common areas, and leisure
Saving in iD Editor Save iD iD and save
Copy/Pasting Buildings in iD Editor iD Copy Buildings iD and buildings
OSM iD Editor Settings Brightness Adjustment gettingstarted brightness settings 2 Liberia, iD, and custom imagery
Brightness brightness Dhaka, iD, and bing
Classifying Roads classifying roads generally roads, iD, unpaved, classifying, and highway
Clasificando Caminos general-road-tips-es roads, iD, unpaved, classifying, and highway
Edificios buildings-es buildings and iD
Ditch ind-ditch Karangetang, Water, Ditch, and Agriculture
Ponds ponds Bangladesh, Water, Pond, and Agriculture
River LinearRiver Bangladesh, Water, River, and Agriculture
Ditch ditch Bangladesh, Water, Ditch, and Agriculture
Area River areariver Bangladesh, Water, River, and Hydrography
Validating Grids validating-volcano Karangetang, Validation, Tasking Manager, and Overview
Initial Scan validating-volcano-1 Karangetang, Validation, Tasking Manager, and Overview
Highways validating-volcano-3 Karangetang, Validation, Tasking Manager, and Highways
Buildings validating-volcano-2 Karangetang, Validation, Tasking Manager, and Buildings
Classifying Unpaved Roads classifying unpaved roads roads, iD, unpaved, canaan, and classifying
Unclassified Roads unclassified roads unclassified and Vehicles
Tracks tracks Tracks, Vehicles, and Agriculture
Rivers (Lines and Area) rivers Dhaka, iD, River, Hydrography, Lines, and Area
Tip Template Location, Type of Editor, and Feature Mapped
Tertiary Roads tertiary roads tertiary and Vehicles
Tracing Tall Buildings tallbuilding Dhaka, iD, and buildings
Splitting A Square splitting-grids Tasking Manager and Splitting
Small Ponds and Catchments smallponds Dhaka, Pond, and Hydrography
Unclassified Roads Saraya_Senegal unclassified road Saraya, Senegal, Malaria, Road, and Unclassified
Track Saraya_Senegal track Saraya, Senegal, Malaria, Road, and Track
Thatched Roof Buildings Saraya_Senegal tbuildings Saraya, Senegal, Malaria, and Building
Residential Roads Saraya_Senegal residential road Saraya, Senegal, Malaria, Road, and Residential
Metal Roof Buildings Saraya_Senegal mbuildings Saraya, Senegal, Malaria, and Building
Imagery Change Imagery Karangetang, and imagery
Regional Highway rhighway Bangladesh, Highway, Primary, Transportation, and Regional
Oneways roads-oneways Highways, Roads, and Tags
Just The Right Amount Of Nodes roads-nodes Highways and Nodes
National Highway nhighway Bangladesh, Highway, Trunk, Transportation, National, and Highway
Roads Must Intersect roads-intersect Highways and Intersection
Everything Is A Highway highway-types Highways, Roads, and Tags
Follow the Flow roads-flow Highways and Direction
Zilla Road zilla Bangladesh, Road, Zilla, and Transportation
Unclassified Road unclassroad Bangladesh, Road, Unclassified, Transportation, and Tertiary
Editing Rivers riversedit Indonesia, iD, and Rivers
Residential Roads residential roads 2 residential, Vehicles, and remote
Residential Roads residential roads residential and Vehicles
Paths paths Paths, Vehicles, and Agriculture
OSM License osmtm_license_access OSMTM
Secondary Roads SecondRdsNP Nepal, Earthquake, and Roads
Residential Roads ResRdsNP Nepal, Earthquake, and Roads
Primary Roads PrimaryRdsNP Nepal, Earthquake, and Roads
Waterways mozambique_waterway Mozambique, waterway, and iD
Thatched Roof Buildings Mozambique_thatched_roof_buildings Mozambique, thatched roof, buildings, and iD
Secondary Roads Mozambique_secondary_roads Mozambique, secondary, roads, and iD
Metal Roof Buildings Mozambique_mbuildings Mozambique, Malaria, and Building
Buildings Under Construction and Civil War Era Buildings Mozambique_cwbuildings Mozambique, buildings, and iD
Tertiary Roads TRoads_Mozambique Mozambique, tertiary, roads, and iD
Residential Roads mozambique_rroad Mozambique, residential, roads, and iD
Landslides and Road Blocks Landslides Nepal, Earthquake, and Landslide
Tertiary Roads indotertroads Indonesia, roads, and iD
Rivers as Lines riversline Indonesia, iD, and Rivers
Tracing Roads – Нанесение на карту дорог – Додавання доріг до мапи tracing-roads-nodes-ru roads, nodes, and vector
Tracing Roads tracing roads nodes roads, nodes, and vector
ID alineación vectorial id-alignment-vectors-generic-es imagery, alignment, and vector
iD vector alignment id-alignment-vectors-generic imagery, alignment, and vector
Alignment – Выравнивание положения снимков – Вирівнювання положення фону ID_alignment_ru imagery and alignment
Alignment ID_alignment imagery and alignment
IDP Tent IDPtent Nepal, Kathmandu, Earthquake, IDP, and Camp
IDP Tent IDPtent-update Nepal, Kathmandu, Earthquake, IDP, and Camp
IDP Settlement IDPsettlement Nepal, Kathmandu, Earthquake, IDP, and Camp
IDP Settlement IDPsettlement-update Nepal, Kathmandu, Earthquake, IDP, and Camp
Updating IDP Sites IDP-update-intro Nepal, Kathmandu, Earthquake, IDP, and Camp
iD Editor Square Status iD Editor Task iD and squares
Getting Started canaan-gettingstarted Canaan
ditches ditches Liberia, Landuse, Residential, and Leisure
IDP Site Tagging Scheme IDPsite-tagging Nepal, Kathmandu, Earthquake, IDP, and Camp
Tagging Example IDP-site-decreased Nepal, Kathmandu, Earthquake, IDP, and Camp
Communication Tower communication_tower Vanuatu and CommTower
Imagery chimagery Karangetang, and imagery
Roads canaanroads Canaan, iD, and roads
Canaan Buildings canaan-buildings Haiti, Canaan, and Buildings
Tracing Canaan Buildings tracing canaan-buildings Haiti, Canaan, and Buildings
Buildings khulnabuilding Bangladesh, Building, and Agriculture
Buildings Buildings buildings and iD
Buildings buildings2 Karangetang and Buildings
Destroyed or Collapsed BuildingNP Nepal, Earthquake, Building, Destroyed, and Collapsed
Classifying Dirt Roads classifying roads in africa roads, iD, unpaved, Africa, Liberia, classifying, and highway